Michelle Sharp

Romantic Suspense Author


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. As writers, we spend countless hours talking about our favorite characters but just ask one of us to write about ourselves and the words suddenly dry up. But if pressed for facts, the most important thing to know about me is that I’m a mom of three pretty awesome kids—two boys, one girl. My husband and I are Mid-Westerners to the core. Neither of us have lived more than forty minutes from the heart of St. Louis. So, it goes without saying, watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball is more of a religion than a pastime.

My middle son, Cody, has Down Syndrome, so I’m passionate about all issues concerning special needs kiddos. I often call Cody my “good soul detector” because nothing in the world brings out the kindness in people quicker than a smile or high-five from the Code-Man. 

I have a degree in journalism, but let’s face it, danger, deception, and sex are way more fun to write about than reporting the cold, hard facts. Switching to fiction seemed preferable to a libel suit, so writing romance is where I landed. I’m an avid reader as I believe most writers are. My first love has always been that thrilling combo of danger and love, but any book with a great voice and intriguing story will keep me turning pages well past my bed-time. 

Thanks for reading & much love, 



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