Dreams of Vengeance

Narcotics Detective Jordan Delany is on a mission. And this time it’s personal…

What happens when the man Jordan Delany loves is nearly killed because of a set-up that was aimed at her? Vengeance, of course.

Jordan is caught in a nightmare all right. But this time, it isn’t the kind she can wake up from. This time, it’s her reality, not her dream that is being targeted by a powerful cartel intent on ending her career and her life. Unfortunately, Tyler McGee is the one caught in the crossfire and left in a coma.

With Ty’s recovery uncertain at best, Jordan is determined to hunt down and exact revenge on the organization responsible for the violent act. In order to breech the Delago Cartel’s Midwestern Operation, she must say goodbye to the life she’d come to love and become someone new. New hair, new clothes, new tattoos, new name—a whole new life.

But as Ty recovers, he begins to suspect Jordan didn’t die in the tragic accident as all the law enforcement agencies have reported. Something doesn’t add up, and now he’s on a mission of his own. He’ll stop at nothing to figure out what really happened on the night of Jordan’s supposed death.

DREAMS OF VENGEANCE is the fourth book in the Dream Seeker Series by award winning author, Michelle Sharp. Michelle was nominated for the National Reader Choice Award for best Romantic Suspense and the Daphne Du Maurier award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense for the first book in this series.



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