Let Me Answer Your Burning Questions


Tell us a little about the Jordan Delany/Dream Seeker Series:

The Dream Seeker Series is about a police officer (Jordan Delany) who works as a narcotics detective in St. Louis. Jordan also happens to have the unique ability of being able to connect with the dead. More accurately, the dead usually seek her out at night in her dreams. And although it’s not a gift she enjoys, or has ever admitted to, she does use the visions to help solve cases.


Where did the idea for the character of Jordan come from? 

Have you ever noticed that investigators don’t usually treat psychics with any real respect on police dramas? Well, I have. And I started wondering what it would be like to be a detective…and a psychic. Jordan Delany is such an interesting character to write because her life is one big contradiction. She’s a cop, so she needs that hard, concrete evidence to get the bad guy. But she also has this vulnerable side that has visions and connects with dead victims of violent crimes. As a cop, she’d never dare admit to following a lead because of a vision, but often that’s just how her cases begin to unfold.


Why are Jordan and Ty such a perfect couple?

I find Jordan and Ty to be a perfect yin and yang. Jordan has convinced herself that a life of isolation is all that she’s capable of. Between her work, the visions that grip her, and a horrific tragedy in her past, she can’t risk anyone getting too close. Until she meets Tyler McGee and life as she knows it will never the same. Her world is turned upside down by a small-town cop who values connections—to his town, to his family, and mostly to her—above all else.


Do you believe in psychics and mediums? 

I believe that there are events that aren’t easily explained. I believe I’ve felt the presence of loved ones who have passed around me. I believe there are some people who are more sensitive to that kind of energy than others. Even though there are probably more people who claim to have these abilities than actually do, I think a few are the real deal.


Why a Dream Seeker Novella?

As I think about the super-couples that keep me on the edge of my seat, I find myself anticipating their intimate, private moments as much as the heart-stopping suspense. That’s what I hope to give readers in the first Dream Seeker Novella, “Protecting the Dream.” You’ll find a bit of mystery and suspense, but also a very personal glimpse of Jordan and Ty as they navigate falling in love in a complicated world. What are their most intimate conversations about? What do they say to each other right after making love? Do they get annoyed with each other? And how do they cope with Jordan’s visits from the dead? But most of all- can they make a life together against the odds? If so, what will that life look like? That’s what we want know, right? 

Dream Seeker novels will follow the bigger, all-consuming cases. But the novellas are a more personal snapshot of an extraordinary couple making a life together in an ordinary world. I hope you enjoy them, and I love hearing suggestions and feedback from readers. I hope you’ll drop me a line.



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